Co-creation through creativity, flexibility, and quality

Lithuania’s furniture manufacture

Nearly all the Lithuanian furniture industry production today is shipped into Scandinavian, British, German living rooms. Furniture manufacturers are known for their flexibility and capability to issue creative, sustainable solutions and embrace modern design. The range of products is broad, primarily due to cherished long-lasting industry traditions and technological advancement. A high-quality mix of things to sit on, sleep in, and eat at is ordered by foreign partners in more than 100 countries.

  • 86%
    export intensity
  • 76%
    share of exports to the EU
  • 8.1%
    average annual export growth rate
  • #3
    in the EU for pay and productivity ratio. The Europe 2020 Index, 2020
  • #7
    globally for contract Enforcement. Doing Business Report, 2020
  • #11
    globally for Ease of Doing Business. Doing Business Report, 2020

Visit Lithuanian Furniture Sector

A short introduction of couple Lithuanian furniture manufacturers with proven international cooperation history.

Our strengths:

  • Highly skilled workforce

  • Competitive and highly developed manufacturing industry

  • Modern production facilities

  • Responsiveness to new demands

  • Up-to-date design solutions

  • Time-honored traditions