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Lithuanian producers prioritise health and sustainability.


Our food and beverage sector produces a major share – more than 20% – of the total value created by Lithuanian producers. The most highly developed food processing sub-sectors are milk, meat and grain processing. In addition, the organic food sector in Lithuania has developed rapidly over recent decades. The top-selling organic foods in Lithuania are bread, cereal products, milk and dairy products, and vegetables.


Major export destinations include Germany (13.1%), Poland (13.0%), Latvia (9.9%), Italy (8.6%), the United Kingdom (7.3%), and the Netherlands (5.0%).

  • 39 000
    Number of workers employed in the industry at the beginning of 2021
  • 968
    Enterprises active in the industry at the beginning of 2021
  • €2.3bn
    Total export value
  • 200+
    Number of exporters
  • 130+
    Number of export markets
  • 50-80%
    Private-label production

Our strengths

  • Safety and quality, in accordance with EU market regulations.

  • Development of modern food manufacturing.

  • Attractive quality-price ratio.

  • Strategic geographical location.

  • Excellent logistics network.

  • Ability to produce in small batches.