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Our food and beverage sector produces a major share – more than 20% – of the total value created by Lithuanian producers. The most highly developed food processing sub-sectors are milk, meat and grain processing. In addition, the organic food sector in Lithuania has developed rapidly over recent decades. The top-selling organic foods in Lithuania are bread, cereal products, milk and dairy products, and vegetables.


Major export destinations include Germany (13.1%), Poland (13.0%), Latvia (9.9%), Italy (8.6%), the United Kingdom (7.3%), and the Netherlands (5.0%).

  • 39 000
    Number of workers employed in the industry at the beginning of 2021
  • 968
    Enterprises active in the industry at the beginning of 2021
  • €2.3bn
    Total export value
  • 200+
    Number of exporters
  • 130+
    Number of export markets
  • 50-80%
    Private-label production

Explore Lithuania's Food and Beverages sector

Companies in Lithuania's Food and Beverages sector are paying special attention to boosting investments in experimental research and the development of healthy and natural products for Lithuanian brands and private-label production. Another major goal is to further develop the current widely-used model of outsourced production, by increasing operational efficiency, finding new partners and increasing export volumes to existing customers.

Our strengths

  • Safety and quality, in accordance with EU market regulations.

  • Development of modern food manufacturing.

  • Attractive quality-price ratio.

  • Strategic geographical location.

  • Excellent logistics network.

  • Ability to produce in small batches.